Peace and Security Fellowship for African Women

Certificate | Application Period: Closed

This is a fully funded* opportunity, not including any visa application and processing costs. Funds will be made available to the Fellows to cover tuition, subsistence in the UK and Africa, and travel expenses related to the programme in both phases. While funding will be made available to pay for accommodation, successful applicants are expected to find their own accommodation both in the UK and Africa. Fellows are strongly advised to make all necessary accommodation arrangements prior to taking up their positions on the Fellowship Programme.

Please note that the funds are intended for individual Fellows only. It does not cover dependents and it is not intended to support family members. Successful candidates will need to make alternative arrangements to cover the costs and other livelihood needs of dependents before arrival in Kenya/UK  or attachment location. For both countries, prospective applicants must satisfy the Immigration Authorities that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and their dependents before arrival (taking into account the stipend to be provided by the Mentoring Programme). Similar immigration requirements apply in Kenya and other African countries where fellows may be attached.

* Fellowship opportunities are subject to continued funding support.


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