Peace and Security Fellowship for African Women

Certificate | Application Period: Closed

The Peace and Security Fellowship Programme for African Women is designed to expose professional African women at early stages of their careers to the complexities of conflict, security and development. The exposure is to equip them for careers in this field by developing their expertise to generate African-led ideas and processes of change for addressing challenges on the African continent. The Fellowships aim especially to ground this expertise on peace and security in integrity and the pursuit of excellence.

The Fellowship is conceived against a number of background factors:

  • First is the comparatively low number of African women exposed to rigorous academic writing and policy analysis in the field of peace and security especially when compared with those involved in human rights and development issues.
  • Second is the need to assist African women to meet the demands of the Beijing process and the subsequent UN Security Council Resolution 1325 that calls for the inclusion of women at all decision making levels in “all national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms for the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts”.

This Fellowship is aimed at challenging the existing tendency that seems to reinforce the male dominant discourse on conflict and security related matters. The Fellowship is designed to develop the network of African women scholars working in the field whilst linking them with the peace and security mechanisms of relevant institutions. 


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